The Legendary Chianti landscape from an alternative prospective

The hot air balloon is the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology and Florencetown offers you an amazing experience with breathtaking views. Ballooning with Florencetown is both serene and thrilling, offering a feeling of freedom which is totally unique. Airborne adventure: You’ll have a real-life airborne adventure too, because hot air balloons travel with the wind so you never know exactly where you’ll fly or what you’ll see. you’ll wonder at the beautiful Tuscan landscape hundreds or even thousands of feet below. Before, finally the day has come! Your adventure will begin, when you arrive at the launch site to be welcomed by your experienced pilot. Flights will take place near dawn and dusk since that’s when the wind is the calmest. Our pilots are professionals with Commercial Balloon Pilot Licenses and many hundreds of hours of experience - so you are in safe hands. The pilot will introduce you to hot air ballooning and give you a full safety briefing. You’ll then be invited to help with the inflation of the balloon, if you wish to. Before long you’ll be climbing into the balloon basket and we have lift-off, n flight , rising smoothly towards the clouds, It’s an almost motionless experience. Have your camera ready for amazing views of the patchwork landscape and possible wildlife sight- ings. The only thing breaking the silence will be the occasional roar of the burners. After a magical hour (approx.), the pilot will find a suitable landing spot and bring the balloon in to land. After still glowing from the experience, you’ll enjoy a glass of Champagne (or soft drink if you prefer) to toast your flight. You’re an airborne adventurer. A nice drive through the Chianti. and after this experience, you can relax, reflect and regale while tasting some lavish chianti wines at a nearby winery, before getting back to the hotel.

The Experience includes: Mercedes Car and English speaking driver to transport guests from Florence to Chianti Flight Area. After a briefing session we will start the scenic flight. Full insurance included. Private champagne breakfast after flight is included. Strongly recommen- ded the visit of the Castle Extention.

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