Private dinner at the Accademia Gallery in Florence

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Dinner At the Accademia Gallery in Florence. A guide will host you and introduce you to the museum and its masterpieces while listening to the notes of a violinist’s soft tunes creating a magical atmosphere. The Gallery is particularly known for housing one the most significant attractions of the city: Michelangelo’s David statue, and this is where the table is set; right in front of the statue. A four course tasting dinner with a selection of various wines is served on a table of golden chandeliers and unique flower compositions. A private waiter will cater the guests through the entire dinner, describing every course which is all prepared on the spot behind the scenes. Dinner will be accompanied by the voice of a Soprano singer. The event may be arranged from two to fifty guests.

The Experience includes the museum of the Accademia in Exclusive. A private dinner arranged with one of the best catering company of Florence. Music Entertainment, flore arrangments and a guide to introduce to guest the history of the museum.

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violinist's playing
Michelangelo’s David statue
Table with luxury equipment