Where you can eat good local food

The Food Lover Tour came about from a simple and often asked question posed when one visits new places: “Where can we eat good local food?”The Food Lover Tour, as the name suggests, is first and foremost a tour created for lovers of good food—‘foodies’ wishing to explore the local cuisine who want to enjoy their stay in Florence while having fun and avoiding the typical tourist traps. We’ve made it our mission to come up with top quality locations to ensure a great and fun experience which will surely make you fall in love with the city that we call home. Constantly exploring the best of Florence’s flavors, our purpose is to bring you “where the locals go!” We can arrange a culinary journey to discover the typical products of Florence, enjoying the screams of the central market of San Lorenzo, with stalls outdoors and indoors, any time of the year, it is a colorful place to get a taste of Florentine life as you mix with locals buying artichokes or fresh pasta. The tour will be topped off with 4 different and delicious tastings: we start with two different coffee mixtures in a typical local Italian bar; milk rolls and truffle creams; Tuscan cheese and mustard paired with two wonderful wines to sip in a wine shop; a great homemade ice cream that will sweeten the taste buds of even the most incredulous ones to conclude an exciting tour of the palate. The experience lasts four hours and guests are led by a professional guide.

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