A wine tour dedicated to the great wines of the Val d’Orcia.

Exploring is the essence of every journey, but often times it is practical and pleasant to be led by hand. Our Florencetown Montepulciano tour will render your visit an unforgettable memory .... and with us! This little town was already commemorated in literature texts as Politian, his name derives from the Latin name of his birth- place: Mons Politianus , in fact, originating from the settlement on a hilltop founded in late Etruscan times . that is “Mount of the Nobles”. First we will stop at the Avignonesi cellars, one of the most well-known producers of Nobile di Montepulciano. This Vino Nobile has been praised by popes and princes alike for centuries for its elegance and “ noble” structure. But it is much more than just a visit or tasting : it is a life experience. You will have the special opportunity to regain the relationship with nature and its colors, smells, and original flavors. Discover also the very spe- cial “Round vineyard” ; an experimental vineyard. Next, another great gourmet experience once lunch is served “a tavola”! Discover the flavors of the Cinta Senese pig, an ancient Tuscan breed that is raised nearby our estate: they’re all precious sources for our food. Food that, unlike the main trend of mass-production for mass- consumption, is eaten in the same place where it is produced and returns to be an exclusive good, meant for a demanding and selected consumer. And before we finish, a last stop at a second winery. There is a secret Nobile di Mon- tepulciano that few know of, far from the spotlight and the big names that have made Montepulciano world famous. It is the small artisan, organic producers who will enchant us with the history of their wines and their land. We will experience their artistic interpretations of the terroir and of the seasons expressed in pure form... discover with us the unfamiliar world of the small wineries of Montepul- ciano!

The Experience includes: Mercedes Car and English speaking driver for a total of 10 hours at disposal. Visit of one winery that produce Noble of Montepulciano. Three course tasting lunch at Avignonesi Winery with tasting of three wines. Details of the program may vary from the published itinerary.

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