Precious stone inlays and Restauration Laboratories

Precious stone inlays and Restauration Laboratories Art and nature could be the motto of this extraordinary museum dedicated to semiprecious stone inlays, where artistic talent competes only with the splendour ot the materials employed. It was the passion of the Medici for this precious form of art that led Grand Duke Ferdinando I de` Medici to establish in 1588 a court laboratory specialized in semi-precious mosaics and inlays. Today, Florencetown opens the museum and the laboratories just for your guests. The collection is arranged by themes in chronological order. This collection displays porphyry sculptures dating back to the age of Cosimo I de` Medici, sophisticated furniture pieces in semiprecious stones, from portraits of abstract subjects, landscapes to stories with figures, from architectural views to natural themes, and a fresh section dedicated to the very trendy theme of flowers. Don ’t miss the opportunity to visit this museum, its laboratories and the artisans that work to keep these works alive.

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