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Skip the line guided tour of Milan Dome with entrance to the terraces

Enter the Milan Cathedral with skip the line tickets and climb its terraces to admire the city from an amazing point of view


  • Start your tour with early entrance tickets and save your time
  • Climb to the Duomo’s terraces and admire the astonishing landscape
  • Discover the biggest Cathedral in Italy
  • Visit the Museum of the Cathedral 
  • Stroll among the renowned Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II


from MAR 25th to OCT 2024 EVERY DAY from NOV 2024 to FEB 2025 on Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun at 9:00 AM


2,5 Hours


from MAR 25TH 2024 to FEB 28TH 2025




Embark on your Milan adventure in the heart of the city, entering the impressive Duomo. With exclusive skip-the-line tickets provided as part of the tour, you'll effortlessly bypass the queues, allowing you to maximize your time exploring this remarkable architectural gem.


Once inside, a thrilling elevator ride oncawaits to transport you to the Duomo's terraces once you enter with your skip the line tickets. Prepare for an immersive journey into history as you ascend the Terraces of the Duomo. The vistas from these elevated platforms reveal a breathtaking panorama of Milan's skyline. Adorned with spires and sculptures that seem to touch the heavens, this breathtaking view is like painting in front of your eyes. 

The intricately sculpted masterpieces seem to extend toward the sky, casting intricate shadows that you won't want to overlook during your guided exploration of Milan Dome. Beyond the view, the terraces themselves embody a remarkable fusion of engineering and artistry, offering not just a sight but an encounter that captures the essence of Milan's historical and architectural grandeur.

Your next step is into Italy's largest cathedral, a monumental masterpiece that stands as a prime symbol of architectural opulence on a global level. Stained glass windows suffuse the space with luminance, altars exude solemnity, and ornate funerary monuments. Our enthusiastic guide will illuminate every facet of the cathedral's significance, explaining the tribute to Santa Maria Nascente and encompassing the parish of Santa Tecla—a sanctuary brimming with spiritual and artistic resonance.

Our guided visit then leads us to the Museo del Duomo, housed within the Royal Palace. This museum intricately weaves the narrative of the Cathedral, presenting its artistic magnificence through an array of artifacts, models, sketches, and historical documents. Of particular note, the Sala delle Colonne welcomes you—an area where the Duomo’s Veneranda Fabbrica was once held. Prepare to be awestruck by the magnificence of these historic edifices that hold the enigmas of one of Italy's most vital cities.

Continuing our voyage, we'll delve into the renowned Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. This commercial edifice is situated in the core of Milan's historical nucleus, linking the expanse surrounding the Duomo to the illustrious La Scala theater and the homonymous Teatro Museum. Celebrated for its opulent shops and refined boutiques, the Galleria is the symbol of the neo-Renaissance style, earning it the moniker "Milan's parlor." Moreover, it stands as a lauded exemplar of European iron architecture, representing one of the world's pioneering shopping arcades.


  • Skip the line entrance with Lift to the terraces of the Duomo
  • Guided tour Terraces and Cathedral and Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II
  • Licensed city guide

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meet our tour leader in front of Tiffany & co, under the loggias.




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