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Cooking class in Rome with visit at a local market

Roman delicacies cooking class with guided tour of a local food market!


  • Explore one of the most important Food Market in Rome
  • Savor the local delicacies that the market offers you
  • Discover how to cook the cornerstones of Roman culinary tradition
  • Learn the cooking secrets of our expert chefs
  • Obtain a graduation certificate and a recipe booklet to recreate the roman dishes at home 






from MAR 01ST 2024 to FEB 28TH 2025




Join this exciting culinary journey that invites you to appreciate the rich tradition of Rome's gastronomic heritage, all while delving into the vibrant fabric of one of its typical local markets.


Your escapade commences with a leisurely exploration of the intricate lanes that house an authentic Roman food market, immersing you in the pulsating rhythm of Italian everyday life. With this guided tour of a local market tour you'll gain intimate insight into the Italian approach to grocery shopping – from skilled butchers showcasing their premium cold cuts to bakers offering freshly baked bread, and farmers proudly displaying their harvest of just-picked products. This sensory spectacle isn't limited to appearances and fragrances alone, it serves as a window into the heart of Roman cuisine, enhancing your ability to discern the freshest components.


Yet this guided tour of a Rome’s local market  offers more than just the act of procuring ingredients. It extends an invitation to savor local delicacies and products that form the very bedrock of Rome's culinary legacy. Then, your journey progresses to our state-of-the-art cooking school

Under the skillful guidance of our culinary experts, you'll dive headlong into the crafting of Rome's most cherished dishes.

Our menu reflects the season's bounty, guaranteeing fresh and authentic flavors in every dish. From the renowned cacio e pepe to the classic carbonara, expertly blending creamy sauce with flavorful guanciale, and the tantalizing amatriciana, a true masterpiece that marries the tanginess of tomato with the saltiness of guanciale and the richness of pecorino cheese, you'll learn the art behind the Roman culinary tradition. 

As the culinary space transforms into a hub of creativity, you'll not merely be absorbing recipes; you'll be weaving narratives and traditions intrinsic to each culinary gem.

 The climax of this gastronomic symphony arrives with the making of the quintessential tiramisù—a the Italian dessert par exellence. Guided by our adept chefs, you'll layer delicate ladyfingers with luscious mascarpone and aromatic espresso, conjuring a dessert that pays homage to theItalian culinary customs. As apron ties are gently undone and the final culinary insights are generously shared, all participants will relish the opportunity to savor the dishes they've skillfully prepared. To enhance the gustatory experience, a carefully curated selection of two Italian wines will be on offer, perfectly complementing the flavors of your culinary achievements.


As your gastronomic voyage through the heart of Rome draws to a close, a token of your newly acquired culinary prowess awaits: an official Graduation Certificate, an enduring testimony to the traditions you've embraced and the culinary expertise you've cultivated.


  • Visit of a local Roman market market with our Chefs
  • Food and local products tasting
  • Cooking lesson with local Chefs
  • Use of apron and cooking utensils
  • All ingredients for your lunch
  • Lunch with Wine
  • Graduation Certificate
  • Digital Booklet with recipes
  • Suitable for vegetarians! (please inform us in advance)

Meeting Point

Via Candia, 96


PLEASE NOTE: MARKET VISIT is not included on Sunday. Please inform us of any food intolerance or allergy in advance. THIS TOUR IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CELIAC.
Please let us know in advance any special need or impaired mobility of the clients and we will do our best to accomodate them.

Rain Policy

This tour runs rain or shine.

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