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Guided tour of the Agrigento Valley of the Temples at sunset

Visit one of the most famous archeological sites of Italy, Agrigento Valley of the Temples


  • Stroll alongside historic gateways of Valle dei Templi with our knowledgeable history guide
  • Admire the grandeur of the Temple of Concordia, a prime showcase of Doric architectural style
  • Encounter the immense columns of the Temple of Olympian Zeus
  • Roam amidst the Temple of Heracles and its renowned pillars
  • Arrive at the venerable Porta V (fifth gate), where ancient pathways meet




2 hours


from MAR 25TH 2024 to OCT 31ST 2024




Through the Agrigento Valley of the Temples you'll traverse the corridors of time itself. Delve into this guided tour to discover not only a significant piece of Sicilian history, but also to discover myths, stories, and constructions that have left  an everlasting influence on the cultural heritage of Sicily. 

Start your experience under the sign of history and art at the Juno Temple, where our seasoned guide awaits to accompany you through the labyrinthine passages of this enchanting location. Bearing the name of the Roman deity Juno, this temple embodies a rich tapestry of history and myth within its time-worn walls. Serving as a silent observer to the passage of ages, it puts together the veneration associated with its namesake goddess—an entity revered as the guardian of women, matrimony, and the welfare of the Roman realm.


Progressing forward, the subsequent temple poised for your discovery is the Heracles temple. Here, visitors become immersed in tales of courage and heroism, narratives interwoven with deities and mortals, skillfully narrated by our impassioned guide who masterfully blends the realms of legend and reality.

Your odyssey continues, being guided towards the sublime Temple of Concordia. A monument to enduring Doric architecture, this sacred site exudes timeless grace, epitomizing pinnacle form and symmetry. Dedicated to the Roman goddess of harmony, the Temple of Concordia encapsulates the very essence of equilibrium and balance. Its Doric columns ascend magnificently against the backdrop of the Sicilian heavens, bearing witness to the tireless dedication of artisans who labored to create this spiritual place of worship.

From the Temple of Concordia, this guided visit of the Valley veers towards the Temple of Olympian Zeus—an imposing ensemble of columns and remnants, a testimony to the supremacy of the divine pantheon itself, which you can leisurely admire circumnavigating its perimeter. 

As your sojourn through the Agrigento Valley of the Temples nears its conclusion, you will be led to the Porta V—an emblematic gateway symbolizing the intricate connection between humanity and the divine. Encompassing not only the celestial Olympian gods but also the terrestrial forces governing life, demise, and the enigmas of the netherworld.

Here, in this particular nook of the valley, lie the Chthonic deities—bearing the name derived from the Greek "khthonios," denoting those who dwell beneath the earth. This label encompasses a spectrum of primarily feminine deities intertwined with the cults of subterranean gods and personifications of seismic or volcanic energies. Originating from the term used by Ferecides of Syros to denote an original cosmic deity alongside Zas and Kronos: Chthonies. These enigmatic entities governed domains concealed from mortal sight—realms of obscurity, rebirth, and metamorphosis.


Join this sojourn through the Agrigento Valley of the Temples to traverse into the realm of sagas, stand in the shade of titans, and relish an expedition through the corridors of history, art, and mythology.


  • English speaking guide
  • Entrance tickets and guided visit of Agrigento Archeological Park

Meeting Point

Valle dei Templi. Look for our tour guide in front of Porta di Giunone.


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