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Palermo Sky Walk- guided tour of the city, the Cathedral and Santa Caterina church

Guided tour of Palermo, the Norman Cathedral, and the church and monastery of Santa Caterina!


  • Abandon yourself in the splendor of Norman architectural marvels of Palermo
  • Wander through the key attractions of the Sicilian capital.
  • Delight in an authentic Sicilian pause, savoring a delectable cannolo or a revitalizing granita
  • Explore the interior of Santa Caterina Church and its monastery
  • Ascend the monastery terraces to bask in the breathtaking Sicilian panorama


MON TO SAT at 9:00 AM




from MAR 25TH 2024 to OCT 31ST 2024


English only


Walk through the historic center of Palermo with this guided tour which merges a stroll through the facets of Palermo, and the entrance in its emblematic Cathedral, a symbol of Sicilian spirituality. Then, discover the treasures of Santa Caterina church and monastery

Start this voyage through the Sicilian Capital at the Palermo Cathedral, a marvel of Norman architectural prowess that has stood resolute for ages. Guided by our erudite expert guide, you will embark on a comprehensive exploration, delving into the inner sanctum and the exterior of this grand edifice, being transported into an ambience suffused with spiritual and historical significance.

Cast your eyes skyward to the soaring vaulted ceilings that seem to kiss the heavens, and the walls adorned with precious marble and intricate inlays. The frescoes adorning the spaces narrate tales of unwavering faith and devotion, unveiling the interwoven tapestry of religious and artistic heritage that fills every nook of this majestic construct.


Continuing this guided tour of Palermo, you'll arrive at Piazza Bellini, home to the resplendent Martorana and San Cataldo churches—architectural marvels that you will marvel at from the exterior. Subsequently, immersing yourself in the vibrant ambience of Piazza Pretoria, renowned for its "Shame Square" fountain due to the statues' unabashed nudity, will be an astounding experience. Our itinerary proceeds to Quattro Canti, the adorned crossroads emblematic of Palermo, just before we venture onward toward the Santa Caterina church. At this juncture, the time fot a delectable interlude arrives—an opportunity to savor the Sicilian delicacies that have enraptured all who set foot on the island: a freshly crafted granita or relish a tantalizing cannolo.


The pinnacle of our voyage awaits as we venture into the realm of the Church and Monastero of Santa Caterina D' Alessandria. Nestled within the city's heart, this church stands as a concealed jewel, an exapmple of transcendent beauty and spirituality. As you step into this construction, a sense of tranquility and devotion envelops you, offering an oasis of serenity amid the urban bustle. The Gothic arches and soaring cross vaults overhead will enthrall you with their grandeur, while the church's interior unfurls as a symphony of intricacies, with frescoes and embellishments that chronicle tales of faith and virtue. Altars and side chapels, adorned with sculptures and artistic marvels, will seize your attention and fuel your imagination.


The culmination of this guided tour arrives as you ascend to the monastery's terraces, gifting you with the finest panoramic vista of the city. Behold the city's splendor unfolding before your eyes, as you embrace the juxtaposition of sacredness and urban vitality. Seize this vantage to capture souvenir photographs, destined to astound your loved ones upon your return.

Traverse the noteworthy sites of Sicily's capital like the Cathedral, treat yourself to the pleasures of a typical Sicilian intermission tasting a delicious cannolo or a cool granita, venture into the depths of Santa Caterina Church and monastery, scend the monastery terraces to soak in the stunning Sicilian landscape.


  • English speaking fully licensed Art&History guide
  • Interior and exterior tour of the Palermo Cathedral
  • Cannolo or Granita tasting
  • Visit of the Santa Caterina Church and Monastery and walk on the terraces of Santa Caterina Monastry

Meeting Point

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 494. Look for our tour guide in front of Bar Marocco.


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