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Mount Etna sky trek with cable car ride

The Mount Etna from a brand new perspective


  • Ride the cable car from Rifugio Sapienza
  • Learn from an expert volcanologist guide
  • Get lost in the stunning landscape created by the 2001 Etna eruption
  • Take in the stunning views from the Valle del Bove
  • Visit the Cisternazza crater depression


EVERY DAY at 10.30 AM


4 hours






Take a guided trek and cable car ride to get to know Europe’s most active volcano. You’ll head to some of the most spectacular viewpoints on the mountain so don’t forget your camera.

Mount Etna is the number one activity in Etna for many. This bucket list tour sees you taking a trek on the fearsome mountain, complete with a cable car from Rifugio Sapienza. 


Rifugio Sapienza stands at 1,900 meters above sea level, but that is just the start of your tour. Your trek will commence at closer to 2,500 meters, so the first part of the day is taking the cable car from Sapienza. Meet your guide at the refuge who will answer any questions you have and as well as stoking your excitement, address anything you might be nervous about. We are trekking on an active volcano after all!


In 2001, an eruption took place on Mount Etna that has so far been unequaled. It was so strong that it created a whole new crater. That’s where you’re headed as you make your way up from 2,500 meters to 2,750. The landscape is bound to take your breath away (and the oxygen is thinner up here too!), so be sure to drink plenty of water. And take lots of pictures.


After visiting the 2001 crater, it’s onto the Valle del Bove - wheather conditions permitting -considered by many to be the best viewpoint on the mountain. The depression is far older than where you’ve just been and is estimated to be around 64,000 years old. Spend a bit of time here taking in your surroundings, and seeing if you can pick out Taormina and Syracuse on the coast. Then, it’s onto the final stop of the tour, La Cisternazza crater before you head back to Rifugio Sapienza, where you’ll say goodbye to your guide and new friends.


  • Volcanological guide
  • Cable car roundtrip tickets
  • Guided volcano trek

Meeting Point

c/o Monte Gebel store. Look for our guide next to the Cable Car steps.


We regret to inform that this tour is not suitable for guests with wheelchairs or with impaired mobility.
Please inform us of any food intolerance or allergy in advance.
We suggest good walking shoes (no flip-flops!) as well as hat and sunscreen.

Extra information

  • People affected by cardiopathic diseases, asthma and hypertension are not permitted on tour.
  • There is no age limit for children.
  • This tour can be modified or canceled
  • It is possible to rent on the spot additional equipment such as hiking shoes, key-ways and hiking poles

Rain Policy

The departure for the excursion up to the volcano depends on weather conditions and volcanic activity. If these conditions are not good, the guide may decide an alternative route.

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