Health and Safety Procedures

Live your experience healthy and with peace of mind: this is our mission!

The total safety of our guests and staff has been always our priority, but we think you will appreciate to know in
advance what are our measures against COVID-19 spread and what we warmly suggest to every participant.

face mask

Face masks and hand sanitizer provided for drivers and guides:

Masks are mandatory in Italy to enter closed environment or outside if it is not possible to keep the distance so drivers and guides could wear masks. Gloves are not mandatory so they may decide to wear gloves or use hand sanitizer (especially outside and/or during the hottest months).


Transportation vehicles, gear and equipment are regularly sanitized:

Facilities, restaurants, and other stops on your tour are taking sufficient measures to protect against infection.


Regular temperature checks for staff:

Paid stay-at-home policy for staff with symptoms applied, those who have a temperature of 37.5°C or higher and/or cold symptoms will be sent home.


Temperature checks for travelers on vehicles and attendant at cooking classes upon arrival:

Please participate only in good health. If you feel unwell, please refrain from participating.

hand sanitizer

Face masks and hand sanitizers provided for travelers:

Please disinfect your hands when participating on the tour and wear a mask during the tour, especially when indoors.

social distancing

Social distancing enforced throughout experience:

Please protect yourself and cooperate to prevent the spread of infection by social distancing.

Starting from August 2021, it is mandatory to have the Green Pass (Covid Health Certificate) to enter Italy. Please find below the updated rules and information provided by institutional sources:

Where in Italy the green pass is required:


Transport: domestic flights, Intercity and high-speed trains, long-distance buses, and inter-regional ships and ferries (not required on local public transportation)


Restaurants and bars to dine indoor (not mandatory outdoor)


Museums, cultural venues and archeological sites


Cinema, theatres, concerts


Spas, leisure centres

Please check out the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) for travel updates and always take the necessary steps to minimize risk while traveling.

Following these few rules, you will be part of our project and an important player in preventing the
spread of COVID-19.
Thank you

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